About us

Welcome To Carol’s Learning Academy

Thank you for visiting us at Carol’s Learning Academy. For parents, providing a place for your child to grow and learn is equally as important as ensuring your child’s safety and security. Here at Carol’s Learning Academy, our mission is to provide each child with a quality learning experience. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment that fosters individual development and education. We believe that a successful learning experience is grounded in the mutual respect and collaboration of our staff and parents. We believe in empowering children by presenting them with learning opportunities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and growth. It is our goal that children will gain confidence in their abilities and establish healthy relationships with teachers and peers. By offering an engaging curriculum, it is our mission that each child will develop a positive outlook towards education, a better understanding of the world, and an appreciation for learning.

What makes us different?

Taking care of a child and helping them develop to their potential takes love, passion, organization, experience and a willingness for continuous monitoring and adjustment. The following are some of the many qualities that we believe in to help us succeed in our mission.

  • Fun with Learning: Children learn best when they have fun while learning. Our well organized day is filled with fun activities that teach important life and learning skills.
  • Constant Communication: How children do in a daycare environment can be a good early indication of how they may do in school. How do they interact with other children? What are their interests and dislikes? Where do they excel in learning and where do they need more support? We believe in keeping parents constantly informed of those vital details that will help with parenting and raising a healthy child. In turn, we encourage and expect our parents to be open and honest with their feedback. Two-way communication is vital to our success. The faculty and staff strongly encourage your comments and feedback and look forward to addressing any concerns.
  • Respecting Diversity: Our world is becoming more and more diverse, mixing different cultures, religions and beliefs in neighborhoods, schools and the workplace. Carol’s Learning Academy celebrates and respects the ethnic diversity
    of its staff and students. We openly accept families from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Carol’s Learning Academy respects the uniqueness of each individual and we will do our best to accommodate any special considerations that parents request for their child.
  • Qualified Teaching: All of our teachers and staff have a wealth of experience in caring for and teaching young children. Experience becomes vital in dealing with the variety of situations that can be encountered and in achieving the best in your child. CLA prides itself in having an experienced staff that exceeds the above requirements and state standards.
    > Teachers are required to have a minimum of two years of college courses. This includes early childhood education.
    > Teacher Assistants are required to have a minimum of a high school diploma.
    > Director qualifications include extensive early childhood education classes and experience.
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