8. Classroom Policies

Good Hygiene

We promote frequent hand washing and good personal hygiene. Please help us by encouraging your child to wash his or her hands especially before and after meals, using the bathroom, and outdoor play.

Cleaning Procedures

The center is cleaned by a professional service on a daily basis. Toys and eating surfaces are washed throughout the day. The sheets on the cots provided to the students are washed once a week. The teacher is required to make sure that all sheets are clean.

Preschool /Kindergarten Conferences & Progress Report

Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year. In addition, a parent can request a parent/teacher conference at anytime. The teacher will prepare a progress report for the parent’s review at the time of the parent/teacher conference. This report will be kept in the child’s permanent records to assess progress in all school areas.

Hooks and Cubbys

Each child has his or her own hook and cubby for storage.


Please provide us with an extra set of clothes for your child. This may be necessary in case your child has an accident. If a child needs assistance in changing his or her attire, two staff members will and must be present to assist.

Clothing for Play

We urge parents to provide simple, comfortable, and washable clothes for playtime. There will be plenty of outdoor play and we ask parents and guardians to keep weather conditions in mind. Please remember to label your child’s clothing to prevent mix-ups and lost goods.

Outdoor Play

We allow and encourage teachers and students to play outdoors on a daily basis. Outdoor play is not allowed when temperatures are below 20 F, there is excessive rain, and/or extreme heat.


CLA does not encourage children to bring their own toys from home. However, if they do, CLA is not responsible if the toy is lost or stolen. Children are not permitted to take home toys from the center.

Toilet Training

Children should be potty trained before attending CLA.

Rest Time

State licensing requires that the Center provide a rest or quiet period where a child can lie down to rest. We try to make rest time a relaxing time when children can listen to music or stories, etc. Most children fall asleep. If your child does not nap, please understand we do not insist that he/she fall asleep; we do require the child to play quietly so the other children are not disturbed. Each child is provided with a cot for napping. Cot sheets are provided by Carol’s Learning Academy and are laundered weekly. Parents may provide a small blanket labeled with your child’s name.



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