4. Health

4. Health

Medical Forms

State regulations require us to obtain a medical record for each child. A physical examination is required one month prior to admission to CLA. A physician should fill out the required medical record and have it returned to CLA on the day of registration. The Medical record must be current and updated.

Medical Alerts

If your child has any medical condition that requires our care and attention, please let us know by filling out the Medical Alert Form.

Prescription & Non-Prescription Medications

Parents must complete a Medicine Administration Form for us to administer medications. Only medications in their original containers (prescription or over-the-counter) will be administered. Certain medications will needs a doctor’s note.

Minor Injuries

Minor bumps and scratches are inevitable, but we make every effort to keep the children safe through supervision and childproofing. Minor injuries receive appropriate first aid, and if an emergency injury or illness occurs, you will be contacted as soon as possible. If necessary, your child will be taken to the nearest hospital where you will be asked to meet us

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