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Preschool /Kindergarten Conferences & Progress Report

Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year. In addition, a parent can request a parent/teacher conference at anytime. The teacher will prepare a progress report for the parent’s review at the time of the parent/teacher conference. This report will be kept in the child’s permanent records to assess progress in all school areas.


CLA may take photographs of its faculty and students for projects, promotional, and/or advertising purposes. By your enrollment, parents and guardians give us permission to take photographs for the purposes listed above.

Religious Policy

CLA has no religious affiliation, and we do not discriminate against any religion or religious practices. We observe and celebrate various holidays through school closings, parties, and decorations. We aim to respect and celebrate various religions and cultures in the classroom.


All personal information given to Carol’s Learning Academy regarding your child and family is confidential. Carol’s Learning Academy does not share this information with any unauthorized agencies or individuals without your consent.

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